What a fantastic first week!

We have settled really well in to Year 4 and got stuck in with some amazing learning.



Last week we made scones. We made all sorts of different flavours. We liked all the flavours…even the chocolate chip ones!


To launch our Science topic about teeth we asked a scientific question, set up an investigation and observed what happened.

We put our hard boiled eggs in coke, sugar free squash, neat cordial, water, tea, orange juice and vinegar
We were surprised that coke did not have the most impact on the shell of the eggs which represent our teeth.

Block Printing

On the last day of term we completed our block printing. We are really happy with the outcome!

First we designed our pattern, drew it and cut it out.

The lino for our raised bird designs was really hard to cut. We scored the lino with a stylus to add detail.

Next we used a blunt pencil to draw our chosen background pattern on a polystyrene square. We then chose a bold colour and printed the background.

We had to think really carefully about the pattern we created.

We stuck our lino bird onto cardboard to make a printing block then covered our birds in black paint and, once our background was dry, we printed over the top of our background.

We are really please with how our printing worked out!

We can’t wait to reveal the finished product!

Scrap book pages

We are doing a unit of work on English all inspired by the poem ‘Sandwich’ by Valerie Bloom.

We thought about captions, phrases and labels. We loved getting creative.

We made our own scrap book page all about a day at the beach!

Non-Fiction Writing

Our first focus in English this term is Non-Fiction texts. We have loved reading ‘The Big Book of the UK’ and have been looking out for the features of this text type in lots of different texts.

We have started to rehearse writing our own Non-Fiction texts and can’t wait to write all about Birmingham, our city.