We were really excited to learn about how the Roman’s made mosaics and have a go at designing our own. we can’t wait to make our own next week…watch this space to see how we get on!


We investigated our whole class timeline and then looked closely at when the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings invaded Britain. With our partner, we ordered the invasions on a timeline and found and out their place in world and British history.


This weeks topic work has all been about looking carefully at the patterns on Roman shields and having a go at designing our own. We’ve really enjoyed getting creative in our art lessons.


We have got stuck in with maths this week!

We have been busy practicing the C (Concrete) P (Pictorial) and A (Abstract) approach which is fundamental to our mastery curriculum.

Worry Dolls

We are really excited to be back at Robin Hood and are enjoying time with our friends, learning new things and settling into our routine. But…we admit we have felt a little nervous, apprehensive and anxious at times so we got creative and made worry dolls.

Welcome back!

4Jc had a wonderful first day back! I am so very proud of all our children and how enthusiastically they arrived and joined in with all our lessons today… I can’t wait to see what we can achieve this year!

4JC 2020/2021